Really Nice Lights for the Back Yard

ENGREPO Solar Flood Light Outdoor Auto On/Off Dusk to Dawn with Remote Control 1500LM Dual 80LEDs 6000K Bright White Floodlights Ip65 Waterproof Solar Power Light for Yard, Garden, Shed, Barn.

We ordered these lights because we wanted to have some light out by the chicken coop and I didn’t want to run power all the way out there.

We mounted the lights to a large tree with cable ties, so I didn’t use the included mounting hardware, but the hardware appears to be solid - except for one wing nut. You need two wing nuts to attach the mounting bar to the solar panel, but they actually include four of them because there is an identical bag of hardware in each light pack. One of the four wing nuts did not have any threads cut into it, so check your hardware before you go and mount it.

Each of the two lights have a complete set of everything, mounting hardware for the light and solar panel, a remote, and a set of batteries for the remote. This means that you get two sets of solar panel mounting hardware, two remotes, and two sets of batteries. The remotes aren’t light-specific, so you can put one remote in a safe place in case you lose the other one.

There are some red LEDs and one green LED on the bottom of the white LED array. I assume that they indicate the battery level, but the batteries came fully charged and I haven’t seen them when the battery is low in the morning, so all that I have ever seen is all of the red lights lit and the green light blinking. I set my lights on “Auto”, so they turn on when it gets dark.

These lights put out a lot of light, and it’s nice to have so much illumination without needing to route power to them - or pay for the electricity to run them.

Everything (but that extra wing nut) seems well made and durable. It should last a long time, and I’d bet that the lights will outlast the batteries inside of them

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